Solar Systems

An off-grid solar system gives you everything you need to be completely autonomous from the main power grid.

An off-grid solar system is a stand-alone power system. The self-contained unit generates and stores electricity from the sun. These systems feature a number of highly effective photovoltaic solar panels and some batteries. The solar panels collect energy from the sun and the batteries store the energy.

During a period of high demand or low power production (e.g. night), the appliances draw energy from batteries instead. An inverter converts the energy stored into usable electricity.

Unlike traditional grid-tied solar systems, off-grid solar systems are not connected to the power grid. They produce clean, green, free power.

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Keep your lights on.

Power outages are becoming increasingly common due to factors such as rolling blackouts, lightning storms, and increased time spent at home. With our help, you can ensure your home is the one on the block with the lights shining bright.

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Electricity costs are on the rise and utilities often charge more during peak times. But there’s a better way. By generating clean energy and storing excess power for peak times and outages, you can break free from power company grid games and enjoy energy independence.

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Control your own home.

An off-grid solar system by AJ’s Electrical allows you to be autonomous from the grid and you can customise your power preference, and monitor system operation and savings with our intuitive software, giving you control.

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At AJ’s Electrical, we design bespoke off-grid solar solutions. We take the components from the world’s leading solar power equipment providers, and our expert solar electricians design and build an off-grid system to meet your needs. AJ’s Electrical off-grid systems include solar panels and high-performance Victron inverters. These are paired with Freedom Won solar batteries and a selection of generators. Here is a brief outline of how each component works.
    • Solar panels: collect energy from the sun and convert it into DC electricity
    • Battery bank: stores the DC electricity generated by solar panels
    • Charge controller: regulates the energy that goes into the battery banks to prevent overcharging
    • Inverter: Converts DC electricity from the battery bank into AC electricity that is used to power a home
    • Generator: provides power when the battery bank runs low or when there isn’t enough sunlight to generate energy

How does an off-grid system work? 

Are you tired of relying on an electricity company for your energy needs? It may be time to break free with an off-grid solar system.

Anything that can be powered by grid energy can be powered by solar energy. These innovative systems operate by generating electricity through solar panels. Once installed, they instantly start generating electricity from panels on the roof, storing it in solar batteries. This power can then be used to provide energy to any appliances; lighting, fridges, televisions and more.

You can say goodbye to power bills forever. Off-grid solar power systems are designed to meet all your energy needs without relying on a power company.

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What we do.

The team at AJ’s Electrical has you covered when it comes to designing off-grid solar systems from scratch. We determine your energy needs, solar battery system sizing and additional components you will need.

After designing your bespoke solar system, we choose and assemble the hardware to build your appliance. The components we select are sourced from some of the world’s leading solar system suppliers: Victron and Freedom Won.

Finally, one of our expert solar electricians will come out to your property and install your off-grid solar system. We ensure all components of the system are correctly and safely installed. Once your solar system is installed, it will start generating electricity.

Our brands.

sunpower product

(Solar Panels)

SunPower solar panels are the highest-efficiency panels on the market. The US-based company has over 35 years of dedicated solar experience, making them one of the pioneering companies in the industry. SunPower offers the strongest warranties in the solar industry, so you can rest assured you’ll have peace of mind for decades to come.

    • Industry-leading warranties
    • Over 35 years of solar experience
    • 33 million panels deployed worldwide
victron product

(Solar Inverters)

Victron Energy is a Netherlands-based company that has been manufacturing power conversion equipment since 1975. It is renowned for producing world-leading off-grid battery inverters. With over 45 years of experience, Victron Energy’s off-grid energy systems stand the test of time and the environment.

  • Market-leading off-grid solar inverter systems
  • 45-years’ experience
  • VictronConnect app to connect products via Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi/Internet
freedom won product

(Solar Batteries)

Freedom Won solar batteries are the perfect high-quality battery for all your residential off-grid solar systems. Established in 2004, Freedom Won is the largest energy storage manufacturer in Africa and is the market leader for product innovation, performance and reliability. Freedom Won was the first organisation to introduce lithium storage technology to the market in 2010.

  • Industry leaders in Lithium Iron Phosphate energy storage systems
  • 10-year warranty
  • Extensive size/capacity options

Hear from our valued customers.

Adam Worsnop
Adam Worsnop
10. November, 2023.
AJs have completed a full rewire and refit on my showroom and workshop in tauranga. Extremely happy with the way they communicate and execute the job. The place has come out way better than expected. Would recommend to anyone wanting a professional job done.
Helen Crampton
Helen Crampton
26. September, 2023.
Outstanding service from AJ's Electrical - friendly " we can sort that for you at a convenient time" advice over the phone, and very prompt professional service provided at an extremely reasonable price. Highly recommended . Thank you, AJ's Electrical.
Dallas Meeking
Dallas Meeking
12. September, 2023.
Great service from beginning to end, we would fully recommend AJs for solar system install. After service and support great too, all questions answered quickly and ongoing advice is no issue.
Semiha Sengezer
Semiha Sengezer
31. July, 2023.
Amazing fast service! & Friendly Staff Highly recommend AJ’s Electrical. 👍🏻
Alex Dunham
Alex Dunham
20. June, 2023.
Jake from AJ's Electrical came out to fix a light at our place. He was exactly on time and very quick to work on the issue. After having other companies just not turn up, I'm stoked to have found one that will, and when they say they will as well. Thanks heaps!
G Budd
G Budd
17. June, 2023.
AJ's are always a pleasure to deal with. I also like the fact that they leave the worksite clean and tidy. Thank you. I'll be back.
Brenda SmithB1
Brenda SmithB1
7. June, 2023.
They installed my solar power system . Amazing company . very efficient knowledge electricians . very fast service and installation , James the owner who quoted me was down to earth and very knowledgeable. can't praise the office staff enough, Trish and especially Violet ( who is absolutely amazing)
Ian Clark
Ian Clark
6. June, 2023.
Woke up to find the house without power, with bo obvious cause (wasn't a power cut). Phoned AJ's at 07:30, they were able to send a technician out within the hour, who assessed our situation and were able to point us in the right direction. Much appreciated.
6. May, 2023.
Great advice and service from the AJs team. Thoroughly recommend

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