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AJ’s Electrical is a Tauranga-based team of licensed and highly skilled electrical trade professionals who specialise in the supply, maintenance and installation of Tauranga solar systems. 

We’ve installed over 650 solar systems to date!

For a top-quality solar power installation on your home or commercial building, talk to the experienced team at AJ’s Electrical. 

We’re active members of the Sustainable Energy Association New Zealand (SEANZ), and we’re Master Electricians (ECANZ).

Featured battery storage solutions

The more energy you can store, the more you can make use of solar power. AJ’s Electrical offers quality energy storage solutions to Tauranga and Bay of Plenty homes and businesses.

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Alpha ESS Smile5 | Alpha ESS Smile S6-HV

High-quality German engineering defines the Alpha Energy Storage Systems. They’re the discerning choice for off-grid and hybrid homes.

Modular and expandable up to 60 kWh, the Alpha ESS range offer simultaneous DC and AC solar and grid input coupling, superior charging and power output, internet monitoring and more.

energizer homepower wall mount

Energizer Homepower

A household name in battery technology for over a century, Energizer now offers an all-in-one home energy storage solution.

Featuring modern design aesthetics, full control via the Energizer Homepower app or web portal, and being expandable up to 24 kWh, this system can store solar or grid energy at opportune times and dispense it when needed.

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Complete Solar Electrical Design Services

AJ’s offer unrivalled expertise in solar electrical system design in the Tauranga area. We take all aspects of a solar power system into account, with focuses on cost-effectiveness and reliable outcomes.

We’ll work back from your end-use case to specify a practical and cost-effective solar power system. In homes, this might be a general decrease in household demand for ‘grid’ power, which translates into a smaller power bill. For businesses the use case is often more specific, such as reducing the cost of cooling through the sunny summer months.

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Competitive Supply Prices & Expert Installation

With such a long history of solar power installations, AJ’s has naturally developed strong solar business connections and can offer highly competitive prices on solar panels, controllers and converters.

Our installations take into account more than just theory. Often, budget considerations and economies of scale offer unexpected opportunities. Should you spend money on relatively expensive mounting racks, or buy more panels instead? 

Talk to AJ’s Electrical and we will work through all the parameters with you.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance can make a considerable difference to the power output of your solar panels. Being exposed to the elements, bird nests, bird waste, and leaf litter, solar panels are best checked at least annually. 

AJ’s Electrical offer ongoing, regular solar electrical system maintenance for peace of mind and to prolong the value of your investment.

Benefits of Solar

New Zealand has positive goals for carbon reduction, reaffirmed at COP26. With electricity demand set to skyrocket in the coming decade, now is the perfect time to strengthen your personal or business resilience to electricity price inflation.

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Carbon Footprint

While NZ has relatively abundant renewable energy resources, we tend to overlook all the fossil fuels we nonetheless use. Free, 'green' electricity can help reduce coal, gas, petrol and diesel use in many ways.

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Progressive Image

Solar technology is attractive. Corporate image especially tends to benefit when you make a concerted effort to include green energy into your policies and practices.

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Long Term investment

With a payback period of 7-10 years and a performance warranty of 25 years at 80% rated output, it's easy to see how investment in solar is fiscally sound.

Case Study

SEANZ analysed data from 21 residential solar power systems installed on New Zealand homes.

Real performance data from these solar power systems has shown in every scenario the return on investment figure (the lowest being 5.42% ROI) was higher than the current average bank interest rates of 2.5%.

Three key factors that affected the financial results included;

The upfront cost of the solar power system – because of the wide range in prices, participants that shopped around gained better financial results. The self-consumption rate – those who installed timers and utilised their solar power during the day off-set expensive electricity costs. High electricity prices – people with high electricity prices benefitted more.
For some participants installing solar power it was largely a financial choice, but even those participants recognised that there were several other benefits of going solar, primarily environmental conservation and energy independence.

Read on to understand the value to solar PV to these average kiwi homeowners & download the complete study here.

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Our Partners

AJ’s Electrical only work with reliable, efficient and cost-effective manufacturers and organisations. We aim to balance budget, practicality and performance for all our solar electric installations.

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Here are some of the common questions we receive about solar electricity systems.

With such a long lifespan, solar panels will pay themselves back eventually in almost any situation. NZ is becoming increasingly electrified, and if you have aspirations of buying an electric car, that’s a great place to start! The ideal commercial use case is powering air conditioning units, fridges or freezers on hot summer days, but with an appropriate battery bank almost any aspect of your business can benefit from solar.

Seaside living is definitely no barrier to a high-quality solar installation. Solar panels are electrically completely sealed from the elements and feature corrosion-resistant aluminium frames.

NZ has relatively strict requirements for grid-tied solar arrays, but you’re in the right place.

AJ’s Electrical are among the few electricians that can engineer a grid-tied solar power system that will satisfy the rules and regulations of the power board and your local electricity distributors. 

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