LDV Project: Case Study

Project Description

The AJ’s team successfully completed a comprehensive electrical building renovation for an existing structure on Cameron Road. Working collaboratively with the owner and the design team, they designed and executed the installation for the new offices, vehicle showroom, and workshop facility.

Their commercial installation division handled every aspect of the project, ensuring every timeline requirement was met. Importantly, the project was successfully delivered within the allocated budget.

As part of the team’s goal of future-proofing the facility, they upgraded the power supply and main switchboard to accommodate new and anticipated equipment loads. This included provisions for electric vehicle charging and vehicle hoists.

Operating on a design and build model, Bruce and the team maintained close communication with Adam, the Managing Director, as well as the building team throughout the process. The outcome is one to be proud of and a clear reflection of their shared vision for a striking and practical commercial space.

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Client Testimonial

“I engaged Bruce and the team at AJ’s Electrical not only because they are customers of ours, but because I like to give back and support the people that support my business.

We started on a building renovation of a run-down old building around 15 months ago, and all the way through the project, they have been outstanding to deal with.

From the initial stages, where the original plan was discarded for a new concept taking shape in my mind, the team was flexible and easy-going.

They collaborated with other specialists to design and then re-design a genuinely special place of business for my colleagues and I. We are all truly grateful for the effort they’ve all put in.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Bruce, Tony, and their team of electricians, and will continue to use their services in the future.

Adam Worsnop

Managing Director

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Project Details
ClientLDV, Ssangyong Tauranga
Project typeCommercial Renovation
AssignmentNew vehicle showroom, offices, and workshop facility
LocationLDV, Ssangyong Tauranga, 387 Cameron Road
Duration6 months
Completion dateEnd of October 2023